Creative Energy: Part Two

This week I’m returning to the topic of Creative Energy. I wasn’t initially planning to write a part two, however the topic is multi-faceted; there could easily be a part three… One aspect of energy is time. Often I’ve completed my day at work, commuted home, and now, wanting to do something creative, I realise I’m just too tired. I feel like my time is ‘spent’, my energy falls away, and I struggle just to do a few jobs before falling into bed. This is an aspect of my life I have been reflecting on for the last few years….

Creative Energy

In Quora a question was placed some years ago: “What is creative energy, and where does it come from?” Anthony Torres gave this answer: It is the energy of an active, open minded individual who is channeling their inner-will to pursue change with an absence of worldly interference. Creative energy, in general, will come from within, but more specifically, should come from the soul. I just thought this was a beautiful way to begin thinking about creative energy, especially to note the idea of “absence of worldly interference.” I’m guessing this suggests our constant buffering of our attention, such as;…