Creating a Garden

Instead of discussing creativity, or how to approach it – I thought I would track our creative weekend, (which was a spontaneous idea to create a garden). We’ve had a super busy summer, and haven’t spent a lot of time at home, or outside, but thought we’d just do it anyway… make the most of the warm autumn days ahead.

We have had herbs and vegetables growing, but no nice space to enjoy so the focus was to tidy up, give the area some shape and add colour. Luckily we had bought a lot of $1 small terracotta pots, cheap summer plants and a few metal buckets to make into larger containers – this radically helped the budget. We also bought two larger plants (hibiscus and lemon tree), to fill it out, plus a standard size trellis to boarder in the area.

That’s pretty much it, the rest of it was just the work involved. Pretty happy with what we did – I mean it’s no award winner – but it is a place to enjoy, and I’ve been doing just that since we finished.

Reflecting on the process and thinking about creativity, the main thing is to have a plan, and do the work. We complicate this process so much, but really, that’s what it comes down to.

Hope you enjoy the photo essay of our process…

Taking stock of the landscape

Much needed cleaning – first up

Shopping, building, planting

Arranging, stepping back, and rearranging

Finished result

Catch you next week xx

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