In the Life: A Day in Photos

I’m going in a slightly different direction this week. We decided to head off on a road trip, so here is my day in photography.

We started our trip with a visit to the carwash, (which was much needed). I love going through the wash, always captured by the colours and movement. Then we drove from Auckland to Paeroa, a small town in the Waikato.

Paeroa has some super cool antique stores, everything from Victorian era pieces, to shops specialising in retro. Also love stopping into The Refinery, which has amazing food and GREAT COFFEE.

From Paeroa we drove to Te Kuiti to visit my mum. I took her out to the supermarket and did a few odd jobs. It was SO HOT, at least 30, so we had to stop for at Big Az Icecreams on the way home. Enjoyed my day, remembered to take photos all along the way, and stayed away from scrolling on my phone, which is always a win.

Next week I will dig more into the challenges of being a creative, however, this week I needed a lighter touch.

Catch you next week xx

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