Film Lover

Selecting the movement.

Careful, careful, as you pick your way,

Flickering shadows,

Across the face, like Times Square.

A common

Scene. Hush.

We missed the beginning –

Settling, absorbing, trying to catch up.

Crisps and ice-creams. Wine and chocolate.

Then the moment of time unravels, sprawls out next to you.

Hugs you, tosses and turns,

You are with another. Larger than life.

They are you, and you are them.

Their eyes.

Their mouth.

Their momentum.

A conflict, a decision, a path is laid out – or is it?

Another, another,

Then – just in time.

Film Lover.

This is just a little free writing as I listen to Metronomy, look at these images and think about my last cinema experience. Or the many times, I’ve been running late. One time it was so dark, I ended up sitting in someone’s lap!! Yeah, there are always those moments in life to draw on. I love going to the movies, it’s one of my most favourite things to do. I really enjoy all of it. Mostly the art-house or ‘World’ cinema – but also the block busters from time to time.

Anyway, this blog is short and sweet.

I was going to write about Christmas and how I feel about over consumerism. I started half a dozen times. But, it’s complicated isn’t it. And, also, I don’t want to be preachy when everyone celebrates (or doesn’t celebrate) this time differently. So instead. I’m just sharing a little free writing and some pictures.

Cornwallis Beach about 10minutes from my house.

If you are celebrating, take care. Be kind, and give your furry friends an extra cuddle.

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