Keeping a Diary

I have decided to try writing a diary for a week and then comment on the progress and how I felt about it. There is a lot of advice on keeping a diary and how they help us in our everyday lives. I have never been great at them and I think it is mostly because I can’t seem to keep consistent with things like this. But I wanted to give it another go and try and gain some perspective on where I can find time for creativity. So here goes:


Slept in a bit, fruit and yogurt for breakfast, then I went on an amazing walk from my mother’s house out to the local cemetery and back; so enjoyed the trees in blossom. I have taken the day off work to take my mum to the hospital… 3 hours of waiting to see doctors but we got there in the end. On the drive home I stopped into an opportunity shop and bought 4 lovely shirts that I will put up for sale on my online shop. Another piece of clothing sold this week, so I’m happy about that. Got home reasonably early, did dishes and went to bed.


Didn’t have the best sleep and was going to get up and do a full on work-out, but instead did some yoga meditation. Not feeling great today, so will be kind to myself. Found work difficult but after a while I got into the groove and had an uplifting chat with a colleague, which lifted my mood. My partner picked me up early from work, as we have tickets to the Opera. It was a very different production than I had seen before; small cast and sung in English – but still really enjoyed myself. Also, we finished the night with ice-cream, so that is always good.


This morning was a rush, but I managed to get the early bus. Grabbed coffee in my keep-cup for the commute. I love how having this cup saves money and helps reduce waste. Work was a slow start, but I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished. Came home, my partner cooked tea while I did a full work-out and then we settled in to watch an episode on Netflix.


Early start. (On Thursday’s I work in a different role at work. It’s nice changing it up a bit and doing something completely different). Busy day with meetings and a lot to get through. Got home, mucked about for a bit then cooked a vegetarian meal. Spent the evening hanging out with my partner. He leaves tomorrow for a week.


Up early, did a morning yoga, got ready and caught the bus. Friday we have a bit of a treat at work (doughnuts), so I had half of one with a coffee on my arrival. Today I caught up with students, did some research and finished odds and ends. Commuted home and just relaxed.


Up (early-ish), then did a full work-out. Tidied the house a little, then caught the 10am bus. Went to the hairdresser and got my ‘roots’ done, (nice to say goodbye to those grey hairs for a bit). Then I bussed into town, did some odd-jobs and picked up a hire car for tomorrow. Once home I cooked dinner for myself and relaxed. I find it difficult in the evenings when my partner is not around as we usually catch up then.


Up and off early. I picked up my son and sister and drove down to Te Kuiti to visit my mother. She lives about 3 hours away, so it is a bit of a trek. My sister had been looking after her cat, while she was in hospital, so it was good to reunite them. Mum is feeling a lot better and we spent some lovely family time together. On the way home, after dropping my son and sister off, I went for a walk around a small lake in Hamilton. It was nice to get some fresh air and exercise in. Drove home and then tidied and got ready for Monday.


Hmmm. I’m not sure if writing for a week is enough to have any clear perspective, in regards to the process of being helpful in some way. However, reading it back was interesting. I certainly wrote a lot more positive aspects to my day than I thought I would, at times it’s almost a type of gratitude process. For example, I’m focused on exercise, having an uplifting talk with a work-mate, and spending time with family.

I can also see, just from this small exercise, that I spend too much time relaxing in the evening, I could definitely do something productive in this time and then still have time to relax. So there is potential here to view my habits and concerns with perspective. I think to gain more reflection, I would need to write for a month and in more detail, then I could view my life and make changes if I thought I needed to.

Of course, it was just nice to have some moments throughout the day to reflect. I sometimes wrote a little mid-day and then again at night, and I enjoyed those small instances to myself. There is so much that you could do if you wanted to start a diary, and obviously I’m not an expert on the matter. It certainly is one way you can start on creativity and also track your creative moments through your day and week. Like I did with exercise, pop in moments of creativity. I think I will do this again, in six months down the track, see if some habits have changed, see if I can get more creativity in my days. So let’s see if I can make that happen.

Journey Cloud, has a lot of tips, great to check out if you are thinking of starting one; they list 8 potential benefits from keeping a journal:

  1. Keep your thoughts organised
  2. Improve your writing
  3. Set and achieve goals
  4. Record ideas on the go
  5. Relieve Stress
  6. Allow yourself to self-reflect
  7. Boost your memory
  8. Inspire creativity

As I write this blog, I started researching the benefits of keeping a diary. There is so much research in this area and the benefits are a lot more specific than I first imagined; from keeping a diary to enhance memory to assisting in reflecting on an addiction. There is also a lot of broad research on diary’s as a type of history collection, especially for individual families. So depending on why you are keeping a diary, to some extent, depends on what outcomes you will find. I myself wanted to reflect on creative habits, and here I was a little disappointed. However, in saying this, I have spotted time in my day that could easily be used more creatively – so that’s certainly a positive.

One other thing I did want to mention, was that I did keep a diary when traveling around China for a month, and I’m extremely pleased I did. Reading it back, I remember so many details, that may have got lost somewhere in the depth of my memory – so for that I am very grateful.


  1. I enjoyed this blog post and have been keeping a diary/journal for a good many years indeed. Hope you enjoy your own journey as well 💖💖💖

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      1. 💖💖💖


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