• December Reflection: (Part One)

    December 3, 2019 by

    December is a great month to start reflecting on the year. It’s also, in my experience, an extremely busy month, with more pressures on us than usual. There are often a lot of events to attend, work parties, and other end of year activities, plus any holidays or celebrations to participate in. So taking stock and spending some time amongst all this noise is actually very beneficial. For me, it is easy to become very passive in my life, to let the day to day activities drive my life rather than working to have control; this often looks like indecision.… Read more

  • The Mind needs to Create

    November 26, 2019 by

    Have you ever watched children play with Lego? Their minds are open to endless possibilities for what these square and rectangle primary colored blocks could become. It could be a skate-park, a moon-base, a sports stadium… whatever it is, their mind has travelled further than the limitations of those blocks. Their imaginations have filled in gaps, fixed potential failures and pushed the scope of Lego to ‘infinity and beyond’. When I’m teaching filmmaking to students, most, when they first arrive, want to know how exactly it is done. They want the steps, the process from A to B to Z… Read more

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